Newsletter #1

We have been working on onyphe portal to bring new additions.

One of them is the preparation of the commercial launch of the service along with the user API and the other one is the addition of an abuse field for some categories of data.

The pricing model will be disclosed at a later time, when we will be ready to launch the commercial service.

Abuse email address field added to inetnum category

Following a request from a user of the service, we have added the extraction of abuse email addresses from RIR data (RIPE, for instance). You will be able to lookup abuse email addresses for a given IP address. The field’s name is “abuse”.


Of course, this field is now available from the inetnum API. It may be composed of multiple addresses, so expect it to be a multi-valued one.

Should you have requests for addition, you can reach us at support[at]

Limitation of the number of requests

We are working on the capability to sell the service, and before we go to the market, we have to be able to limit the number of queries a user can do on a monthly-basis.

For now, it is set to 0, meaning it is still unlimited. We will activate the limitation on the number of queries when we are ready to launch the commercial service.

New API: user

The user API gives you information about your user account. For instance, you will be able to make a free query to know how much credits are remaining.

The field giving this information is named “credits”. More information about this new API is available at the documentation page.


You can test the service for free, just register to get access to your free API and receive updates via our newsletter:

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