Newsletter 2020#1 – APIv2, new pricing and new Web search features

Dear customers and free users,

it is with great pleasure that we announce the general availability of APIv2, a new pricing and new Web search features allowing better and easier navigation with just a mouse click to go deeper into data we collect.

1. APIv2 main changes

We have reviewed completely our APIs. We updated older APIs to make them easier to understand and added many more APIs which are now split into different categories as follows:

  • Simple API
  • Summary API
  • Alert API
  • Bulk API
  • Export API

Simple and Summary APIs are available starting from Free View. Alert API is available starting from Dragonfly View, and Bulk and Export starting from Entreprise Views.

Be aware that Summary APIs are querying multiple categories of information. From now on, using these APIs may cost more than just 1 credit as they may return up to 100 results (so they may consume up to 10 credits). Other APIs continue to consume only 1 credit. But wait, we have changed our pricing for the better as you will see.

For the most complete API (the Search API), just pass in a query string using the OQL (ONYPHE Query Language) and you simply get your results. Search API is available starting from Dragonfly View. For instance, to search within new information category vulnscan (vulnscan category available only starting from Eagle View):

This is the exact same syntax as in the Web search engine, so you now just have to copy/paste your Web query into your API query.

The Bulk API allows to execute Summary queries on a batch of IP, domain or hostname. It returns results in raw JSON format. More on that in a next post.

The Export API allows to execute a Search query and return all results in a streaming manner in raw JSON format. Again, more on that in a next post.

Documentation is not ready yet on how to use those APIs, but it will come very soon. We will update you as soon as it is available. In the meantime, APIv1 is still available and will continue for a few more months. We speak about important dates at the end of this newsletter.

2. New categories of information


  • topsite: information about top hostnames and domains, those generating the most trafic on the Internet. Information is taken from Alexa TOP-1M, Cisco Umbrella and Majestic Million. As usual, data is updated once a month.
  • vulnscan: beginning of the year, we started scanning for most critical vulnerabilities on identified assets thanks to our identification engine. For instance, we are able to list all Citrix Gateways available on the Internet, thus we launched some vulnerability scans against #Shitrix #CVE-2019-19781. As this data is very sensitive, only customers with Eagle View subscription can access its content. We will add more specific vulnerability checks in the future.

Topsite category is available to all Entrerprise Views and vulnscan category to Eagle Views.

3. New pricing and rate limiting

But we have more cool news for you, dear customers and users. We have reviewed our pricing and decided to give you more query credits by a factor of 10. Yes, 10 times more credits to use for every View. Even better for Eagle View subscriptions: there is no more limits, you have unlimited credits. Along with increasing the number of credits, we now allow to perform 30 requests per minute instead of 20 requests previously.

Along with this new pricing, Eagle View subscriptions will have access to the new vulnscan category of information, on-demand scansExport API and premium support. Still not convinced? Try our service with the Dragonfly View. Only 59 Euros one-shot with perpetual validity, and up to 10,000 results per month.

Regarding the calendar, here are important dates:

  • 2020-03-01: deployment of APIv2, new pricing and new Web frontend. APIv2 becomes the default for Web queries;
  • 2020-04-01: APIv2 becomes the default for API queries;
  • 2020-07-01: removal of legacy APIv1 endpoints.

For any question, contact sales(at)onyphe(dot)com.

Best regards,

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